Kennedy Woods Advisory Group


In 1998 KWAG (Kennedy Woods Advisory Group) coordinated volunteers who gathered native seed from regional roadside refugee remnants and and together, amid 5 acres of ancient, open grown oaks, we reconstructed our best guess what a native oak savanna, (a grassland with scattered trees) might have been like. Incidentally, of the 27 to 32 million acres of original oak savanna in the midwest, NO EXAMPLE of high quality, deep soil savanna remained!

Between loss of habitat and the spread of exotic invasive plants, few people have the opportunity to experience high quality natural communities that teem with native biodiversity. Everyone should have access, that's why KWAG is continuing to work with Forest Park Forever to bring the Kennedy Woods Savanna to a higher quality state.

Seeding the Kennedy Woods


On April 30, 2016, Kennedy Woods Advisory Group reinitiated their collaboration with the Forest Park Forever Ecology Team to revitalize the Kennedy Woods savanna.

We have two volunteer groups to move the restoration process forward. Participants can expect to develop a greater understanding of and deeper relationship with the natural world, as we work together to improve this unique habitat. Creating a high quality, diverse savanna ecosystem is more important than ever, as it will hold the patterns of what biological diversity means into the future.

There is a core group with monthly participation and a semi-annual group for spring planting and fall seed collection.

Volunteering opportunities will occur on weekends or outside normal business hours

Core Group Training

Core group members receive a 3-hour training session with Forest Park Forever. Those who receive training, will be able to participate in monthly restoration activities under the guidance of FPF and with the leadership of Gary Schimmelpfenig. 

Note* - The Core Group is now fully staffed. Join the Earth Mirrors mailing list to be notified when additional team members are needed. 

Semi-Annual Volunteering

Join us for our twice a year KWAG work sessions, including plug planting in the spring and seed collecting in the fall.  Parents with their children often attend these semi-annual volunteer opportunities.

Sign-up information is available a month or so prior to each event. Please join the mailing list in order to receive timely notification of upcoming volunteer work sessions.


Enjoy these images of the Kennedy Woods Savanna from various seasons through the years

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