Kennedy Woods 2018 Spring Planting

The Kennedy Woods Advisory Group (KWAG) and Forest Park Forever (FPF) coordinated a successful  planting of mostly native grasses in the KW Savanna on Saturday morning 4/14/18. The opening ceremony included some wonderful musical guests.

Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony we honored Ken Cohen’s vision for that savanna, Spring Creek, and the vernal pool. A few words from Mary Reynold’s book, The Garden Awakens, and Papa Glenn Wright enthusiastically carried our rhythm section through the “Earth Chant.” I’m grateful to the four wonderful musician soloists who added their heart – felt improvisations and finally to Rio “Coyote” who masterfully recorded and engineered the sound track (have a listen below).

Listed here are the 1685 total native plants installed in one hour by about 45 people:

  • 940 – Switch grass – Panicum virgatum
  • 430 – Little Bluestem (Warrenton Red) – Schizachyrium scoparium
  • 200 – River Oats – Chasmanthium latifolium
  • 45 – American Beak Grass – Diarrhena obovata
  • 40 –Prairie Dropseed – Sporobolus heterolepis
  • 15 – Round-Leaved Ragwort – Scenecio obovatus
  • 15 – Prairie Blazing Star – Liatris pychnostachia