The Earth Chant

The Earth Chant brings together communities and their planet

This will be a paragraph or two telling of your vision and implementation of the Earth Chant. These paragraphs tell why you have created it and why this simple little community singalong can have such a huge impact.

The form below will have all the fields that are needed for us to accept an Earth Chant submission.  Consider what we need to gather in order to properly display (copyright permissions, participant or organization name, etc), including a photo of the singing event.  If your chant needs to be copyrighted, the time to do that is prior to this.

Title Area

This is how you submit your local recording of the Earth Chant.

  1. Listen to the recording here
  2. Download the lyrics here
  3. Gather your community and have a meaningful event and make the recording
  4. Fill out the submission form below, including all requested information and permissions
  5. Wait to be informed by the Earth Mirrors staff that your submission meets the criteria
  6. Look for YOUR local chant right here. It may also be posted on the Earth Mirrors YouTube or Vimeo page


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For any inquiries about events, upcoming programs or speaking engagements, please contact Gary below.