Earth-Based Wisdom

The Pilot Program

Three-stage program beginning with knowledge and direct experience restoring and re-weaving the web of life as well as immersion in high quality nature. (level1), eventually emerging with a deeper and expanded awareness of our responsibility as conscious co-creators and leaders. (level 3)

As the program is still in development, it is not yet available for registration. Please join the Earth Mirrors mailing list (at the bottom of the page) to be notified when the pilot of Earth-Based Wisdom is scheduled.

EBW-Level 1

Guided experiences, games and activities around the concepts of ecological restoration, (collecting/processing seeds, planting, eliminating exotics, etc.)  and experiencing high quality native plant/animal communities while cultivating a joyous relationship with the natural world.

Participants gain a basic knowledge and experience of restoration techniques, as well as observing firsthand, patterns of diversity with plants and animals in a variety of habitats. Immersion activities may range from close observation of the miniature world or other nature games, to solo time and quiet reflection. Participants will be involved in restoring and maintaining habitats.

"Restorationists are part of the most important environmental movement in history. Ecological Restoration evokes emotion, speaks of optimism, and involves an act of imagination and power."  - Bruce Babbitt, Sec. of Interior - 1998

Line art drawing
drawing by Gary T. Schimmelpfenig

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