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Kennedy Woods 2018 Spring Planting

The Kennedy Woods Advisory Group (KWAG) and Forest Park Forever (FPF) coordinated a successful  planting of mostly native grasses in the KW Savanna on Saturday morning 4/14/18. The opening ceremony included some wonderful musical guests. At the opening ceremony we honored Ken Cohen’s vision for that savanna, Spring Creek, and the vernal pool. A few…

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Fire .. Man’s Best (Ecological) Friend

For thousands of years, man and fire have worked together to produce a variety of North American ecosystems, rich in a diversity of plant and animal species with population numbers scarcely imaginable today. Early European settlers assumed that these ecosystems were “natural” and maintained themselves with little or no human influence.

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Restoring and Re-Storying the Landscape

Rebuilding native ecosystems and facilitating that experience with others is a wonderful way to connect with the more-than-human world. Working with nature brings us back to awareness of the inner self – that highly motivated, energized and potent consciousness living in the timeless present, who so wants to infuse our ordinary waking self with soulfulness.…

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